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Learning the Concept of Place Value Through A Dice Game

On November 1st 2016, Grade 2 students played a dice game to deepen their understanding about place value. Each student was given five opportunities to roll the dice to make a number. The first time they rolled the dice, the number would be hundreds. The second and the third numbers would be tens and ones. After they got the number, they wrote it on an expanded form.

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Grade 5 Students Exploring Electricity

Grade 5 is currently exploring a unit under the theme of How We Organise Ourselves. The central idea is Electricity is generated in a number of ways and the production and distribution of electricity impacts on people’s lives and the environment. As one of the finding out activities, students tried some experiments guided by Pak Aji, the Junior High Science teacher. From the experiments, students learned about some basic concepts of electricity like the simple circuits, magnets, and static electricity. They got really engaged with the topic and it promoted further thinking in their inquiry.

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Learning about Celebrations and Traditions

“Celebrations and traditions are part of our shared beliefs and values” was the central idea of our first unit of inquiry. In this unit, the students have learned about different kinds of celebrations and traditions around the world. They gained information by watching videos, reading materials and conducting research about celebrations and traditions.

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