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Grade 3 Parents Presentation

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On Friday, 14th February 2014, Grade 3 students held their Parents Presentation. With the tagline “Express Your Love with Poetry”, they presented their learning through poems, songs, drama and drumband performance.

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Government Systems Through The Eyes of Children (Grade 6 Parents Presentation)

On 15th November 2013 Grade 6 Leiden held the Parents Presentation under the unit How We Organize Ourselves. All the students were given the opportunity to take part in the program and developed their inquiry learning to make choices, organize an event, work collaboratively and present what they have explored. Starting from asking question about what government and organizations are, their inquiry culminated into the theme: Government Systems through the Eyes of Children.

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Doing a Real Action as a Response to the Changes in the Earth (Grade 5 Excursion)

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Grade 5 students have been exploring some changes in the Earth in the second unit of inquiry this semester. They have had lots of fun gaining a more-in-depth understanding about finding components that make up the Earth and atmosphere, searching for the reasons why the Earth has changed and continues to change and learning to respond to the changes in the Earth. The most unforgettable experience of all is definitely when they went on an excursion and decided an action to plant mangrove trees by themselves.

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Grade 2 Excursion

Inorder to support students' learning in UOI and our transdisciplinary theme HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES, ”Through the arts people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings, we had an excursion to “Perkampungan Budaya Betawi Srengseng Sawah Setu Babakan”. In thetuningin”, we highlighted the third line of inquiry, that is “The role of the arts in culture and society”. Before tuning in, we unpacked the 3rd LOI and most of the students were confused about the role mentioned. So we asked the students about the concepts. The concepts are perspective, function and responsibility. We addressed function and responsibility. Some of the students knew what the meaning of “The role of the arts in culture and society” was and they connected it with the characteristics and the identity of Indonesian culture.

In “Perkampungan Budaya Betawi Srengseng Sawah Setu Babakan”, we took part in some interesting activities, such as watching the preparation of a traditional dance performance. The guide explained about the meaning of the clothes and also the accessories that the dancers wear for the performance. After the explanation students were given a chance to ask some questions and they asked questions enthusiastically of the guide. This session led to another session that took place in front of the stage.

The students sat in front of the stage. The guide, which was also the MC on the stage, conducted an interactive discussion where he asked students about the Betawi’s culture. Bang Adi, (that was what he called himself), sang two Betawi songs. He sang Kicir-Kicir and an interactive song, Nyok Kita Nonton Ondel-Ondel, and the students sang along.

In another session, students watched A Betawi dance, “Ronggeng Blantek”. After that, students were divided into two groups. Each group had a turn to learn how to dance and play the traditional musical instruments while the other group took a tour to see how to cook Betawi traditional food, “KerakTelor”, and see the lake in Kampung Betawi, Setu Babakan.

Last of all, the students were gathered together again to see the Betawi traditional house. In this session, the students also took part in a discussion with a guide, named Bang Romi. After that, the students had lunch and went back to school.

Maths Summative Asessment

Grade 2 students have just completed summative assessment task in maths. Our Central Idea is  “Shapes and the space around them can be described and manipulated”. Our Lines of Inquiry are Describing location, Characteristics of 2D and 3 D shapes and The transformation of shapes. Each student was so enthusiastic to create something from old boxes. Before creating an object, they made a plan. They also wrote the procedure and decorated their creation. After finishing they shared with their friends. They explained what shapes they had used to make the object and their understanding of shapes and space has been enhanced.

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