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Grade 1 Exploring Forces through Games

Grade 1 students are currently exploring a unit under the theme How the World Works.  “Knowledge of the impact of forces helps us to understand how the world works” is the central idea for this unit.  For the provocations, students played some games. They played tug of war, frisbee, bowling, soccer and javelin.

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Grade 4 Inquiring into Natural Resources

On Monday, 13th February 2017, Grade 4 students had an opportunity to learn from Bapak Ismoyo Argo, Senior Manager Business Relation at PT Supreme Energy. He is a father of a Grade 4 student, Darrell. Pak Ismoyo, who has a lot of experiences and valuable knowledge about geothermal energy, shared detailed information about what geothermal energy is, how it is formed, how do we get and use it in our lives. We also learnt about the tools and skills needed to take geothermal energy from the ground and how it is used to generate electricity, as well as the impacts of this activity to the environment. Conflicts with the local people while preparing and drilling the project and how to handle them were also an interesting topic to be discussed.

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Welcome to Osland Restaurant!

On 9th February 2017, we, the Grade 3 students, presented a mini-restaurant called Osland Restaurant. The purpose of this activity was to share to parents about what we have learned in the unit of economic activity, under the transdisciplinary theme How We Organize Ourselves, with the central idea “Economic activity relies on systems of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services”.

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