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Grade 2 Excursion to Garuda Maintenance Facility

Grade 2 students have just explored the unit of inquiry “How We Organise Ourselves” with the central idea “People create organisations to solve problems and support human endeavour and enterprise”. On Thursday, 26th February 2014, Grade 2 students visited Garuda Maintenance Facility, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Area, Cengkareng in order to learn more and directly see how people work together in an organisation. The students were very excited.

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Learning from Guest Speakers

Recently, Grade 1 students invited two guest speakers, Bapak Lucky MFZ the Sekolah Pilar Indonesia General Affair Section Head, who organizes the school transportation and Bapak Hendra, a taxi driver from a well-known taxi company, to explain about transportation system. It was related to the Central Idea of "Communities make efforts to create transportation systems that meet their needs."

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We Move, We Adapt, We Contribute

On Friday 13th February 2015, Grade 3 students were excited to welcome their parents to their parent presentation. With the tagline “We Move, We Adapt, We Contribute”, they presented their learning through drama. Students showed what they have learnt in the unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “Where We Are In Place and Time” with the central idea “Human migration involves challenges and opportunities”.

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Our Visit to TK Al Fatimiyah

It was a sunny morning when Grade 4 students walked a little way down the street to visit their school neighbour, TK Al Fatimiyah. The school is located not far from our school. We went there as part of our learning in the unit of inquiry with the central idea "Children face a variety of challenges, risks, and opportunities." We learned, shared and played together with the kindergarten students there. From our visit we learned that children are all the same, but they face different challenges, risks and opportunities.

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We Traced, We Measured!

In Maths, Grade 1 students have just learned about measuring their height. They worked in pairs to trace their friend’s body. The teachers helped them prepare some shapes: triangles, circles, squares and rectangles which could be used to measure the height. The students were free to choose one shape.  Then, they drew a straight line from head to toe to mark the height and placed the shapes to measure their own height. They learned that when measuring with informal units, we cannot leave gaps or overlap. We must measure carefully to be accurate. Well done, Grade 1!

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