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Strengthening the Indonesia – Australia Friendship

Le Fevre High School, our friendship school, is very committed to the relation and cooperation between Australia and Indonesia through the exchange programme with Sekolah Pilar Indonesia. Today (15th March 2017), the Management Board of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia, Bapak Iwan Kresna Setiadi and Ibu Trias Widyaningrum, are in Le Fevre High School to accompany eight Grade 11 students and one teacher for the two-week exchange programme.

Arriving in Le Fevre High School, Bapak Iwan and Ibu Trias are welcomed by Bapak Rob Shepherd, the Head of School, to see the activities at their “Ruang Bahasa Indonesia”, a three-room area specialized for students and teachers to study about Indonesia—the language, culture and the people. We hope the friendship between the two schools can develop even more in the future.

Sekolah Pilar Indonesia – Le Fevre High School Student Exchange Programme

On the 5th March 2017, eight Grade 11 students gathered at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and they were ready to join this year’s Student Exchange programme. The Student Exchange is a regular programme held by Sekolah Pilar Indonesia with Le Fevre High School. The students are going to stay in Australia until the 17th March 2017.

During their stay, they participated in a lot of exciting activities. They followed the lessons, taught Indonesian language and performed a traditional dance in front of the students and teachers. The students learnt a lot about appreciation. They experienced how their friends from Australia were really excited to learn more about Indonesia, how they were curious about the language, the culture and the way people live in our country. Having this real-life experience has helped them develop respect and understanding towards other people. Despite the differences we have, we are very similar too. Thank you Le Fevre High School!

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Cap Go Meh Celebration at Sekolah Pilar Indonesia

Indonesia is very rich in culture. This nation of ours consists of multiple ethnic groups with their own uniqueness, customs and celebrations. Sekolah Pilar Indonesia believes that diversity should be celebrated. We are committed to promote programmes that help the students learn about the richness of our culture. Last week on Friday, 24th February 2017, the celebration of Cap Go Meh was held at our school. The fifteenth day of the Lunar Calendar was celebrated by having performances by the students, as well as inviting the Indonesia Red Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe, to perform the Barongsai Dance.

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