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Our Pledge for Planet Earth

Our students have made a pledge to protect our planet. We have promised to recycle, reuse, and reduce the resources at school as part of our daily action. Every day the Earth is changing and global warming is the reason for many of these changes. Our life is changing and our environment is changing too.

We have started by changing our habits at lunch time. We finish our meal, we reduce the number of plastic bags used, we wash and reuse our plastic lunch boxes and we compost our green waste.

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Sekolah Pilar Indonesia Votes!

psc The second election was held on the 4th of December 2009. The candidates were some of grade 8 students. At first there were only a limited number of students interested in joining the Pilar Student Council, but the next day, there were 10 candidates including me that submitted their vision, mission and programmes. After that, on 23rd of November,  had an interview with bu Ria, Pak Heru and bu Rini. After the interview, we had to give a speech in the teachers room. Bu Netha and Pak Hasan were the judges.

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Sekolah Pilar Indonesia Swimming Pool


We often hear people say that swimming is the best exercise we could have. The pressure and force from the water enable the body to work harder without too much stress. Thirty minutes activity in the water is equal to forty five minutes activity on land.

Swimming regularly, helps our fitness, lengthens our life and keeps us active. It can also boost our mood and help us get quality sleep. Even better, it has been shown to decrease the likelihood of contracting diabetes or having a heart attack. Getting more excercise by swimming can also reduce the risk of some types of cancer. Problems with weight and balance can be improved as well by swimming regularly.

At Sekolah Pilar Indonesia we fully endorse this research. We have designed and built an indoor swimming pool to give our students the opportunity to swim regularly and to enjoy other water sports.

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