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The Lorax: Grade 1 Parent Presentation

On Friday, 20th April 2018, Grade 1 students performed at the Grade 1 Parent Presentation. It was a celebration of their learning. The students have explored a unit under the transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet” and learnt about Earth’s finite and infinite resources, how living things benefits from each other and human action that benefits or harm the environment. It took around three weeks for the students to prepare the performance. They adapted the story from the book titled "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss. It is a story about how human beings treat the environment and it is our responsibility to take care of our planet. Through the play, Grade 1 students wanted to ask the audience to reflect on how we have treated our environment.

The students were very excited. They were highly involved in the preparation. The parents watched excitedly and were very supportive before and during the performance. Thank you very much, parents, teachers, staff and students who have helped Grade 1 in the performance.

*For the video of the performance, please check our YouTube channel.


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