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Let’s Protect Nature!

Grade 4 students have just explored a unit about natural resources. They have looked at the value of renewable and non-renewable resources, the conflicts that arise between humans and wild animals over finite resources and causes of conflicts between human and nature. Throughout the exploration, the students were engaged and asked a lot of questions. They watched movies, had discussions and invited guest speakers to enhance their understandings.


On Friday, 3rd of March 2017, Grade 4 students had a special guest from WWF Indonesia, Kak Cassie. She shared a lot of information about the organization, especially about the efforts to protect the environment and endangered animals such as, elephant, Sumatran tiger and rhino. During the session, Grade 4 students showed their enthusiasm by asking questions and showing their interests to the endangered animals. The students also learnt about how forests influence Earth climate and their roles as the habitat for many kinds of animals, including the endangered ones. She also told us about the main causes of decreasing number of animals in Indonesia are illegal logging and animal poaching.

The students are inspired to be more responsible to the environment after having this session. There are many simple things that we can do, such as, reducing the use of plastic bags, using paper wisely and not buying the things made of animal body parts (fur, tusk and horn). Let’s protect nature!  

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