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Written by Aliyyah, Bening, Aleta, Brigit and Kayla (Grade 6)   
Thursday, 07 February 2019 21:21

On 24th and 25th January 2019, all Grade 6 students participated in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition. The PYP exhibition represents an important event in the life of a primary school student. As the senior primary class, the PYP exhibition gives Grade 6 the opportunity to share our learning with the whole school community. It is also an opportunity for us to exhibit the attitudes and the learner profile characteristics that have been developed throughout our engagement with the Primary Years Programme.

The exhibition unit this year took place under the transdisciplinary theme of “How We Organise Ourselves”. All of us were engaged in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involved us in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems. In the process, we worked in groups and each group chose an issue of our interest. The issues included healthy food, Indonesian traditional foods, travelling, fun education, art and animation, reward system, plastic waste management, recycling, fair play, stress management, gadget addiction, social media, unemployment, social problems, traffic congestion, smoking, self-love and illegal logging.

Through the PYP Exhibition, we, the students, had the opportunity to explore multiple perspectives, apply our learning and demonstrate how we could take action as a result of our learning. We thank everybody who had helped us throughout the journey: parents, PYP Coordinator, mentors, teachers, friends and the whole school community. The journey to the PYP Exhibition had helped us understand ourselves better and strengthened our commitment to contribute to the society.


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