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Grade 5 Mini Exhibition: How We Express Ourselves

"You're my best friend, just like a family. We keep best moments in our mind. We remember every time with you". That's a part of the song that one of Grade 5 students created with her group in music class, as their interest for the mini exhibition project. This year, Grade 5 students chose to do a mini exhibition, as a form of Parent Presentation. They took the unit of art under the theme of How We Express Ourselves.

The central idea is "Creating and responding to art develops understanding of ourselves and the world around us". This time, they made their lines of inquiry from their questions. They worked in pairs to do their projects.

The artwork that they explored were music, drawing, graffiti, mixed media, crafting, etc. It was challenging to find the information to explain their lines of inquiry, but they have tried to research using different media, such as books, the internet, as well as interviewing people at school and at home.

There are lots of things that they learned during the process; how to learn with others, to share responsibilities and many other things. This event held on Friday, 26th January, got positive responses from parents. Thank you everyone, for your support. Well done, Grade 5!


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