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Grade 3 Students Presenting Their Understanding about Ecosystems PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ibu Nuryanti Ayal   
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 14:18

Grade 3 students have just completed their summative assessment task under the theme of Sharing the Planet with the central idea “Living things depend on each other and the environment”. Throughout the unit, they have inquired into the different kinds of living things, the life cycles and the connection between living things and the environment. To present their understanding in the final task, they created dioramas of ecosystems. They worked in pairs and cooperated with each other to do the project successfully. They were given the opportunity to choose the type of ecosystem they wanted to explore. Some ecosystems that they chose were the African savanna, the North Pole, the Amazon forest, the ecosystem of river and waterfall, Mount Everest, etc. They were very excited to do the project and showed curiosity about the topic that they had chosen.

They also created some posters to add the information. The poster was about food chain, the threats of the related ecosystem and the possible ways to deal with the threats. At the final stage, they invited other classes to come and listen to their presentations. They learnt about the concepts of living things as well as the interdependence of living things and the environment. They also developed some attributes of the learner profile which were inquirer, knowledgeable and communicator. Well done Grade 3!


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