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Grade 3 Parent Presentation: Osland Market Day

Grade 3 students have recently explored the Unit of Inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme “How We Organize Ourselves”. The central idea for this unit is “Economic activity relies on system of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services.” We learnt about the systems of production and distribution of goods and services, our roles in economy, and also our responsibility as consumers. This unit was also integrated with Mathematics, especially the materials about money, and English, about the procedural text.

To show our understanding about the unit, on Wednesday, 1st November 2017, we held a Parent Presentation, in the form of a Market Day as the summative assessment task. For our Market Day, we were divided into eight groups and each group sold different products of goods and services.

As a group, we discussed and decided the goods and services that we wanted to sell. After that, we predicted the number of visitors, the most favourite products that we wanted to sell, the income that we predict we would get, the number of sold out products, and we made the budget for the products to determine the price.

We worked cooperatively to make posters and decorations for our booths. We invited parents, teachers and friends from Grade 1 up to Grade 6 to buy our products on the Market Day. This is a great experience and we want to say our gratitude to everyone who has made our Market Day possible.

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