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Grade 2 Weather Experiments

Grade 2 is currently exploring a unit under the theme of How the World Works. The central idea is Weather impacts our daily lives. We chose mini exhibition as the summative assessment. The mini exhibition was held  on Thursday, 15th February 2018. Students conducted a library research to read the books in our mini library and visit some websites to find more information about types of weather, how weather changes affect living things, different methods to record, predict and explain the weather and weather experiments. From their research, they demonstrated their understanding through the experiment. This summative assessment was also integrated with English, especially about the procedural text.

Grade 2 invited parents, teachers and grade 1 up to grade 4 students. They were so excited to present and explain to every visitor who came to their booth. Through this mini exhibition, they developed the attitudes of enthusiasm and curiosity. It was a fun activity for grade 2 and the school community.


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