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Express Yourself!: Grade 2 Parent Presentation

Last Friday, 6th April 2018, grade 2 students performed at the Grade 2 Parent Presentation. It was a celebration of their learning. The students have explored a unit under the transdisciplinary theme “How We Express Ourselves” and learnt the many ways people can express their uniqueness in the form of the arts. It took around two weeks for the students to prepare the performance. They took the form of a talent show, to show the many talents they have. Some students danced, recited poems, played solo piano, presented their paintings, performed a form of martial arts and they incorporated angklung performance and singing. For the costumes, they preferred to wear their self-made tie dye t-shirts, with the help from some parents: Ibu Ray, Ibu Dewi and Ibu Indah.

The students were very excited. They were highly involved in the preparation. They learnt to express their uniqueness, as well as to cooperate with their peers. All parents watched excitedly and were very supportive before and during the performance. Thank you very much, parents, teachers, staff and students who have helped grade 2 in the performance. See you next time!



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