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Exploring Techniques to Manipulate Messages

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Grade 4 students have explored the central idea “People can create or manipulate messages to target specific audiences” under the transdisciplinary theme, How We Express Ourselves.

The students have practiced writing persuasive texts that emphasize using persuasive sentences based on the facts they have researched. We have learnt about the importance of media to manipulate the message and discussed the elements in certain media that support the success of an advertisement. During the ICT lessons, we practiced using Adobe Photoshop to make a brochure or flyer and designed a poster to promote our campaign for taking care of our environment in Art lessons. The flood that happened in Jakarta became an interesting start to deepen the students’ understanding about persuasive text and the central idea.

The students are now preparing their summative assessment project in groups of three. They were given unlabeled products and asked to choose one to advertise. They have designed the wrapping/packaging for the product and put necessary information on it, and have started to design the advertisement itself using two different media since they have learnt that the more media used the more people will be aware of and buy their product.

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