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A Journey to Historical Places in Jakarta

On the 2nd March 2018, all grade 5 students and teachers went on an excursion to three historical places in Jakarta. We are currently learning about colonialism, especially in Indonesia. Museum Fatahillah in “Kota Tua” was our first destination. Actually, the real name of Museum Fatahillah is Museum Sejarah Jakarta. People call this museum “Fatahillah” because it is located on Fatahillah Street. From the replicas in the museum, we got a lot of information about the history of colonization in Indonesia.

Sunda Kelapa harbour was our second destination. This harbour is the oldest harbour in Indonesia. We saw so many wooden ships that were parked in the harbour. In the old time, the wooden ships were used to carry spices, but now they are used to carry the household goods and the waste of palm oil. The waste of palm oil will be used as fertilizer.

We then headed to Museum Bahari. Our guide,Bapak Soeharto gave us detailed information about the history of Museum Bahari and the history of the arrival of famous people related to Indonesian colonialism. In Museum Bahari, we saw many replicas of Indonesian ships from all regions and historical ships such as Pinisi and Dewa Ruci. If you want to challenge yourself, you can also go up to “Syakh Bandar” tower. You can see Sunda Kelapa Harbour from this tower. .

Those were our experiences when visiting the historical places in Jakarta. The journey helped us learn the history of our country. We love our country even more and we are proud to be Indonesians.


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