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Easter Celebration 2016
Written by Ibu Veronica Tri S.   
Saturday, 23 April 2016 11:45

On Friday, April 8, 2016, The Christian and Catholic students, teachers and staff celebrated Easter by performing Ibadat Jalan Salib, also known as “Via Dolorosa”, one way to remember how Jesus sacrificed Himself for the love of humans. In the process, they had to stop at for locations where they were asked to ponder and reflect on what Jesus had been through, from the moment He was captured until He rose from the death.

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Grade 1 Gaining Information about Transport Systems from Guest Speakers
Written by Grade 1 Teachers   
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 11:00

Grade 1 students have just explored a unit under the transdisciplinary theme “How We Organize Ourselves”. We have talked about features of transport systems, decisions involved in using transportation and how systems of transportation respond to changing needs.

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We Love Gardening!
Written by ECC Teachers   
Friday, 08 April 2016 15:49

On Friday, March 31st, 2016, ECC students harvested “caisim” on the backyard of the ECC area. After that, they made meatball soup and added “caisim” as one of the ingredients. They showed their cooperation skills by working together when harvesting and cutting “caisim”. They showed their enthusiasm when doing the activities. They were so excited when finally they could enjoy the vegetables that they had taken care of for three months.

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"Kita Muda, Kita Bisa!" (Mimbar Profesi 2016)
Written by SPI   
Thursday, 31 March 2016 15:49

On 29th - 31st March 2016, Pilar Student Council (PSC) of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia organized "Mimbar Profesi" event. Mimbar Profesi is held annually and it is one of the highly anticipated events. Students are invited to think about challenges they might face in the future, as well as their passion, talents and future, and get insights from professionals invited. One of the aims is to provoke the students to think about their strengths and capabilities and start thinking about the choices they can make in the future.

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