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ECC Parents Presentation
Written by SPI   
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 11:24
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ECC students of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia shared their learning experiences during the Parents Presentation.They presented “ Life Goes Round and Round”. This theme was chosen by collaborating the Central Ideas of three classes which are Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Reception. The three central ideas had the same key concept “ change”.As the central idea,  Pre Kindergarten students were inquiring about “ The Earth’s Natural Cycles Influence Living Things “. Kindergarten students were wondering about “ Plants Sustain Life and Play a Role in our live”. Meanwhile Reception students were exploring about “All living things go through a process of change “.

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Christmas Service 2013: “I want to give the best to God.”
Written by SPI   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 14:00

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On the 20th December 2013, Christian and Catholic students, teachers, staff, as well as parents of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia held the Christmas service. The Christmas committee arranged the service and invited a speaker, Pendeta Andi Silalahi, M.Th to give the sermon. All the Christian and Catholic students, teachers and staff worked hand in hand to set up the room and organized the service.

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Government Systems Through The Eyes of Children (Grade 6 Parents Presentation)
Written by SPI   
Friday, 06 December 2013 09:00

On 15th November 2013 Grade 6 Leiden held the Parents Presentation under the unit How We Organize Ourselves. All the students were given the opportunity to take part in the program and developed their inquiry learning to make choices, organize an event, work collaboratively and present what they have explored. Starting from asking question about what government and organizations are, their inquiry culminated into the theme: Government Systems through the Eyes of Children.

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