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We Traced, We Measured!
Written by SPI   
Sunday, 15 February 2015 15:49

In Maths, Grade 1 students have just learned about measuring their height. They worked in pairs to trace their friend’s body. The teachers helped them prepare some shapes: triangles, circles, squares and rectangles which could be used to measure the height. The students were free to choose one shape.  Then, they drew a straight line from head to toe to mark the height and placed the shapes to measure their own height. They learned that when measuring with informal units, we cannot leave gaps or overlap. We must measure carefully to be accurate. Well done, Grade 1!

"How Does It Feel To Be A Migrant?": Grade 3 Exploring A Unit on Human Migration
Written by SPI   
Sunday, 15 February 2015 15:41

Under the transdisciplinary unit of “Where We Are in Place and Time”, Grade 3 students have learnt about the reasons people migrate as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by migrants. During our exploration, we were lucky to have two great and fun guest speakers, namely Ibu Deasy Lontoh and Kak Yasminn Tambosi. Both of them shared their experiences as migrants when they migrated to other countries. Their stories were very interesting! We asked them lots of questions and we practised our listening skills too. Thank you very much for sharing with us, Ibu Deasy and Kak Yasminn!

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Parents, Let's Explore!
Written by SPI   
Friday, 13 February 2015 10:00

On Saturday, 31st January 2015, Sekolah Pilar Indonesia held a Parent Information Session for Grade 1 parents. Parents explored a unit under the theme of “How We Express Ourselves”. The central idea was “Images communicate ideas and information”. Parents were divided into two groups. In each group, teachers facilitated the inquiry by setting up activities to help parents understand how their children learn through the inquiry framework. After following the activities, parents reflected on what they had learned. They were very enthusiastic and we would like to thank them for participating in this event.

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Exploring A Unit on Electricity
Written by SPI   
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 07:53

Currently, Grade 5 Berlin & Beijing students are exploring a unit of inquiry under the theme of “How We Organize Ourselves”. The central idea is “Electricity is generated in a number of ways and the production and distribution of electricity impacts on people’s lives and the environment.” As a provocation, the teachers set up some stations with pictures and questions that helped the students inquire more into the unit. After working in groups, the students wrote down their wonderings about the unit and throughout the inquiry process, they will find out more information to answer their questions.

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