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Taking Care of Myself and the Planet

This first term, in English, Grade 10 students focused and explored their first unit “Taking care of myself and the planet” with the statement of inquiry “Physical health is a personal responsibility which also impacts the planet.” From the unit, we learnt about vocabulary related to sport, health and basic nutrition, structure for writing charts and recipes, how to express decisions, using connectives, imperatives, present simple and present progressive tenses, as well as procedural texts.

We learnt how to keep our body healthy, consume healthy food and drink, have a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy appearance. We discussed and decided the project, job description, and action plan. We applied our knowledge to contribute to the school environment through community and service activities: in canteen, washing hands tutorial with primary and secondary students, sharing about differences of trash bins, garden and biopore maintenance. We were glad to do this project. Hopefully next time we could do much better.


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