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Prom Night 2018: Ride the World Like You Own It

As grade 9 and 12 finished their exams, we wanted to celebrate and make good memories that last forever. Therefore, on 11th of May 2018, the Prom Night 2018 was held. With the "Retro" theme, we brought back vintage vibes from the year 60s until 90s. This year’s tagline was “Ride the World like You Own It” which meant that we should live our lives the way we like it and in our own styles.  After several discussions, the Pilar Student Council (PSC) and the Prom Night’s PIC (person in charge) decided that this year’s event would take place at the Ballroom of Hotel Ciputra Cibubur from 18.00 WIB – finish.


At this event, the students enjoyed the performances and games arranged beforehand. All students from grade 7 until grade 12 performed enthusiastically. We had a lot of fun. This year’s Prom Night was a little bit different since we encouraged students to perform a more retro-themed performance. We also gave out gifts and door prizes to the ones who won the games. There were also awards that were given, such as Prom King, Prom Queen, Best Dress Female, and Best Dress Male from grades 9 and 12. Certificates were also given to all of the students of grades 9 and 12 as an appreciation of what they have accomplished during the years spent in school. We also provided a photo booth so that we could keep our memories in photographs. All of us enjoyed this event and hopefully it could be one of the best nights that we could all remember.

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