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Mimbar Profesi 2013

On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March 2013, Sekolah Pilar Indonesia held Careers Days or Mimbar Profesi.

Junior and High school students were privileged to hear from a series of people who are experts in their field and have achieved success financially. The guests explained how they achieved their success, the struggles they endured and many also mentioned that learning to do their job well is an on-going process. The common theme mentioned by almost all of the speakers was that they had a dream and never gave up striving for success.

The distinguished guess speakers are :

1. Yoga Nirmolo, ST,MM,
2. Dra. MPSIT Tika Bisono
3. Yasmin Musi Akbari, SH
4. Novaldy Prawhesmara, S.Kom
5. Gizsella Benedita
6. Ir. A. Slamet Widodo
7. Amd Par.Maulana Malik Ibrahim, SH
8. Dr. Ir. Rinda Karlinasari, MT

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