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Grade 8 Parent Presentation: Crime Is Not A Choice, To Learn Is A Choice PDF Print E-mail
Written by Richelle A. P. (Grade 8)   
Thursday, 28 March 2019 20:52

On Friday, 1st of March 2019, Grade 8 students held our Parent Presentation. We integrated the lessons we've learnt in the presentation, such as Social Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Mathematics, Civics, as well as our experiences during the live-in programme, at Desa Karanggeneng. We learnt a lot of things at Desa Karanggeneng, including entrepreneurship, culture, history and social and economic activities.

Our Parent Presentation took the story of two travel agencies that competed with each other. The story began with one travel agency that felt envious because of the success of the second travel agency. The boss planned to steal the second agency’s company data and took advantages of the situation. The second travel agency then needed to conduct a research to make a breakthrough and cope up with the condition. The research took place in Karanggeneng, and we used the setting to share our experiences during the live-in programme. We shared the process of making salted eggs, singing "macapat" (Javanese traditional poetry) and showed our other activities during our one-week stay. The story ended with the scene where the first travel agency’s boss and employees found guilty and were arrested.

With the tagline of "Crime is not a choice, to learn is a choice", we wanted to share the message of the importance of using our knowledge for doing the right thing. We hope you enjoyed our performance. Thank you very much parents, teachers, staff and other parties who have helped us during the preparation and the presentation.

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