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Grade 11 Presenting Their Maths-English Projects

On the 2nd Oktober 2018, Grade 11 students presented their English interlinked with Mathematics projects. “Which one is more powerful, the words or the pictures?” is the unit title of English for this term. We learnt about powerful and emotive language, persuasive essays, describing graphs, tables and charts and writing summaries.

In Mathematics, we focused on statistics, collecting, sorting out and presenting data. We worked in groups of three. Each group chose an issue happening in the school environment. We started making a timeline, then we listed down the questions to survey and after that we asked the respondents to fill in and answer the questionnaires. The respondents were grade 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 students. We continued to sort out and present the data. Finally we wrote a summary.

This was an exciting and challenging group work project!

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