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Grade 11 Personal Project Exhibition: A Rewarding Experience

The Grade 11 students showed their exhibition on 7th May 2018 for their Personal Projects. It was from 8 am to 1 pm. For about six months, we had worked on our projects. We started thinking about what we were going to make by December of 2017, and started making the reports as soon as we got back to school in the new semester. Some of us took a few days and weeks to make them, and some of us took even months to make the report.

We struggled a lot during these few months and we learnt so many things. Some ideas needed revisions and we got feedback from our counselors and principal. The feeling of joy when our hard work was paid off. Our counselors helped us on our projects. They guided us, based on their expertise and helped us as much as they could. For these past couple of months, all of us really tried our best to stay on track and kept up with our lessons and programmes, but also worked on our Personal Projects. Following the preparation and the process was a very rewarding experience.

We learnt the skills that will be very useful in our lives, the skills to think critically, research, interview, design products and to present our work. This Personal Project really pushed all of us to do our best. It was challenging, but we managed to do our part well. It was all worth it to create something that not only made our parents and teachers proud, but also ourselves.

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