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Musical Drama "Into the Woods"

Into the woods, who knows what may be lurking on the journey?  Into the woods to get the thing that makes it worth the journeying. “ ~Into the Woods, Prologue

On 21st of February 2018, we, grade 12 students did a practical test of English interlinked with Music. We decided to perform a musical drama.  The main story is about the Bakers that never had a child because of the curse that the witch put on their family. This story has a big plot twist in it, and that made us look diverse.


A movie and a Broadway performance of Into The Woods inspired us on doing this project. In this story we can learn that even if we are different in any kind of chances, at the end, everything will be going well.

We combined English and Music because those two subjects were connected and needed in this project. First, we discussed what story to be performed. After that, we divided the job; Irma was the director, Ara was the script editor, and the other students were responsible for writing the script and preparing the costumes and props. We started a rehearsal by doing reading theatre and acting, then we practised and practised.

We used modern and traditional music instruments in the performance. Throughout the process, we got help from our teachers, friends and we worked together to make this practical test unique and wonderful. We enjoyed every process we did and expected that this would be our best performance ever, since this was our last semester at high school.


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