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Grade 9 Students Learning the Process of Making Yoghurt

In Design Technology, Grade 9 students have just learnt about how to make yoghurt. Yoghurt is one of biotechnology product. The ingredients are fresh milk and yoghurt starter. The process of making yoghurt are divided into several steps. First, the milk was heated until it was warm to kill the bacteria and to make the milk’s protein structure ready. Next  step was mixing the milk with the yoghurt starter and put the milk into a glass jar. After that, we put the glass into a warm temperature box. After twelve hours , the yoghurt would be ready and could be put into the refrigerator. The students enjoyed all steps of the process, learnt how to apply biotechnology in daily life application and most of all they love their self-made yoghurt.

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Grade 7 Presenting Their Understanding on Environmental Issues

In Science class, Grade 7 has learnt about ecology, the interactions among living things and the environment. For the summative assessment task, they designed a campaign to promote awareness about the environment. They researched about a particular topic, designed a poster in ICT class and then shared some information about the causes and effects of environmental issues. The campaign was conducted in other classes. Through games, they encouraged others to do actions as alternative solutions. They prepared some gifts and souvenirs to show appreciation to the audience. Well done, Grade 7!

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Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is one of the school programmes for Grade 8. It is one of the techniques to grow plants without soil. In Science, they have learnt about how nutrient solutions as the medium can be absorbed by the plant roots. In Design Technology, they have learnt ways to plant vegetables. Recently, the students harvested and cooked very delicious food, healthy organic food. Well done, Grade 8!

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