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Grade 10 Parent Presentation: “Jadikan Kesulitan Awal dari Kesuksesan”

On the 12th of May 2017, Grade 10 Adelaide presented our Parent Presentation with the title “Rama Mencari Sinta”.  This performance was about Rama and Sinta, a married couple who lived in Ayodya. They lived happily until one day, a giant, evil creature called Rahwana decided to kidnap Sinta. The story continued with the scene when Rama and Hanuman tried to find and finally rescued Sinta. Rama and Hanuman encountered a lot of problems and obstacles during the process of finding Sinta, such as being kicked out from Bharata’s palace when they were trying to ask for Sinta’s presence, fighting with some of the guards and many more. The story ended with Rama and Sinta finally got back together and continued living happily ever after. The Grade 10 students also performed some dance performances.

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2017 Grade 7 School Trip to Singapore

On 19th April 2017, grade 7 students of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia went on a school trip to Singapore to see how Singapore is in managing transportation, water treatment, the people and their history and many more. We got opportunities to enrich our knowledge by visiting another country and it is also aimed at strengthening the students’ sense of appreciating diversity.

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Student Achievement in the National Science Olympiad

Congratulations, Hilmy Raihansyah Asriel (Grade 8), on winning third place in the National Science Olympiad for Social Studies subject (Kabupaten Bogor). We wish you all the best for the provincial level competition!

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