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Student Exchange Programme - Activities on the Fifth and Sixth Days

Yesterday, the students and teachers from Le Fevre High School had an excursion to Waterbom Jakarta, Monumen Nasional and Kota Tua. Today, the students and teachers of Le Fevre High School learnt the batik-making process at Sekolah Pilar Indonesia. Pak Henri, Pak Arifin, Mbak Lina and Mbak Melinda facilitated the workshop. First, the students created their own designs and step by step, they followed the process. They learnt the waxing technique using canting as well as the colouring technique. Ibu Kylie, one of the teachers, also learnt the technique of “jumputan” (tie dye), with the help from Ibu Trias Widyaningrum.

After following the batik-making workshop, the students and teachers from Sekolah Pilar Indonesia and Le Fevre High School joined the students of Pesantren Daarul Musthofa, to attend lunch invitation from one of the parents, Bapak Udin Saputra. Then, the students participated in the Indonesian Language lesson, facilitated by Ibu Risa K. Pratiwi. They learnt different types of words and played a game as well, to practise their speaking skills.

The teachers from Le Fevre High School, Ibu Kylie, Ibu Sarah and Ibu Amy were invited by Grade 1 to share some games that are commonly played by Australian children. Grade 1 students played “Duck, Duck, Goose” and “Heads Down, Thumbs Up” games and learnt the song “Rock-a-bye Your Bear”. They excitedly joined the session. It was really fun.

After lunch, the teachers also had sharing sessions with Grade 8 and 9 students. The students asked various questions about life in Australia, education and their impressions about Indonesia. Excitedly, the teachers answered each question. The students had the opportunity to practise their English, by making and asking questions.

Around 3.30 pm, all teachers gathered at the library to have a session with Ibu Kylie, Ibu Sarah and Ibu Amy. It was a great chance to learn about the educational systems in both countries and the uniqueness of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia and Le Fevre High School. Thank you, Ibu Kylie, Ibu Sarah and Ibu Amy!


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