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Being Reflective and Responsible for Our Learning

The Three-Way Conference is a method of reporting students’ learning. It is a good opportunity for students to be reflective and review their learning goals as well. They set goals at the beginning of the semester and during the Three-Way Conference, they shared their progress with their goals.

Three-Way Conferences for students in the Early Childhood Centre (ECC) until High School were held on the 3rd and 4th October 2017. The students had an opportunity to explain their learning through the samples of work, kept in portfolios. Beforehand, the students prepared their work samples, as well as reflections on their learning.

The parents and teachers discussed strategies to support the students’ learning. Hand in hand, the three parties committed to work together. Supporting students is a collaborative effort. Through the Three-Way Conference, students are expected to be more responsible for their own learning. Congratulations, students, for doing a very good job in preparing your portfolios and thank you parents and teachers for the support!


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