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Reception Students Expressing Themselves through Stories

“Reading is a journey, not a level. It’s a discovery, not a test score. It’s a way to get lost and a way to get found” - Kylene Beers

This proverb reminds us on the wonderful journey that we can experience from reading. In the Early Childhood Centre (ECC) of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia, Reception students enjoyed a great time exploring a unit with the central idea “Stories can engage their audience and communicate meaning” under the transdisciplinary theme “How We Express Ourselves”. We read some traditional and modern stories to get an understanding about the elements of stories. We interpreted stories through role plays and puppet shows. To deepen our understanding on creating a good story, we invited a guest speaker, Ibu Resty, a managing editor of a company called We got many insights from this session too.

The students then tried to create their own stories after following the learning experiences mentioned above. They started by brainstorming ideas, making drafts, writing the stories, and illustrating the books. We chose this unit as a culmination event (mini-exhibition) in ECC. For this event, the students prepared their own booths. As part of the assessment, we invited parents and the school community to visit and assess the students’ work. They enthusiastically participated in this event.  In the future, we hope that the students’ love of reading will continue growing and they will also be able to write their own stories.

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