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Pre-Kindergarten Parent Presentation: “Four Little Pigs and Two Hungry Wolves”

On Friday, April 8th, 2016, Pre-Kindergarten students held a parent presentation in the form of role play with the title “Four Little Pigs and Two Hungry Wolves”. They presented what they have learnt in the third unit of inquiry, with the central idea “Animals and people interact with each other in different ways”. Parents and other ECC classes were invited to watch the performance.

The story was based on the students’ ideas. They said that fighting was not good and sharing together was very nice. The story tells about four little pigs who had friends, two little wolves and two little rabbits. They always went to school together. At lunch time, the two little wolves forgot to bring their lunch. They attempted to ask the four little pigs, but because of a misunderstanding, the four little pigs ran away and hid. Finally, the four little pigs felt sorry and apologized to the two little wolves. Then, they shared the meal together.


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