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Learning to Create Stories

Reception students have been exploring a unit with the central idea “Stories can engage their audience and communicate meaning” under the transdisciplinary theme “How We Express Ourselves”. They have listened to many kinds of stories that were read by the teachers. They have also learnt the elements of a story and made simple stories.

To deepen their understanding about how stories are created and shared, on Friday, 3rd February 2017, we invited a guest speaker, Ibu Resty Amalia. She is the Managing Editor of She shared information about important factors that a writer should have in mind before writing a story. These factors include ideas, the mapping process, making a draft and how to make a story starter.

The students were very engaged to know more about creating characters, sequencing parts of a story, publishing a book and they asked questions as well, to which, Ibu Resty answered clearly.

The students were very lucky to have this opportunity. It was a valuable session for the Reception students, since they are going to prepare the book project for a mini exhibition.  


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