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Kindergarten and Reception Students Learning about Energy

Kindergarten and Reception students have just learnt about energy under the transdisciplinary theme “How the World Works” with the central idea “Energy exists in different forms and causes change”. We have explored the various forms of energy by reading some books, watching videos and had simple experiments by playing some games, such as pull and push games.

To enhance our knowledge about energy, we invited two Reception parents, Bapak Umar Sidiq and Ibu Vina Mediyanti to share their expertise on geothermal energy. They explained how geothermal energy is formed by presenting a video and how geothermal energy is turned into electricity.

We also had a simulation on how fossils are formed and how the geothermal energy moves a turbine to create electricity that can turn on the light.

We had so much fun and gained new understanding on how energy can change from one form to another. We will continue developing our curiosity and we would like to thank Bapak Umar Sidiq and Ibu Vina for the insights.



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