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ECC Excursion to Allianz Ecopark - Ancol

"Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day. Little children want to play. Rain, rain, go away!"

Under heavy rain, on 15th February, ECC (Early Childhood Centre) students were so excited wearing their raincoats and sandals. They were ready to have an adventure at Allianz Ecopark Ancol. ECC Sekolah Pilar Indonesia has been learning about Farm, Animals and Plants under the transdiciplinary unit “Sharing the Planet”. They have explored different kinds of plants and farm animals and how to take care of them, the use of animals and plants, and how farms work.

Allianz Ecopark Ancol has provided the opportunity for the students to deepen their understanding related to the unit. They observed some farm animals and plants such as duck, goat, rabbit, goose, buffalo, eggplant, chilli, water spinach, paddy and so on. Besides, we also learnt how to feed the animals, plough the land and plant paddy. After having all the activities done, they came home with a lot of new experiences.



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