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ECC Parents Presentation
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ECC students of Sekolah Pilar Indonesia shared their learning experiences during the Parents Presentation.They presented “ Life Goes Round and Round”. This theme was chosen by collaborating the Central Ideas of three classes which are Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Reception. The three central ideas had the same key concept “ change”.As the central idea,  Pre Kindergarten students were inquiring about “ The Earth’s Natural Cycles Influence Living Things “. Kindergarten students were wondering about “ Plants Sustain Life and Play a Role in our live”. Meanwhile Reception students were exploring about “All living things go through a process of change “.

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Family Meal Time

Regarding the second line of inquiry; “Responsibilities within family” in the unit of “Who We Are”, Pre-K students had a role play for the tuning in stage of their inquiry. The class was divided into three groups where each of the groups consisted of mom, dad, brother, and sister. They really enjoyed the play. When they were asked to have a sit, without any instruction mom and dad sat side by side while the children sat in front of them. Then, mom prepared the bread and dad lead the family for praying. From this activity, we found out that some of the students already knew how their own family divided responsibilities at the meal time.

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Reception Goes to Museums

In our fifth unit of inquiry, Reception students learned that plants and animals have important roles in human life and our action can affect their survival. To broaden our knowledge of the unit, we held an excursion to Museum Etnobotani and Zoologi in Bogor. At museum Etnobotani, led by Ibu Ida as our tour guide, we saw human made products that came from plants such as clothes, household tools, and medicines.

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Cimory Trip

Students took part  in this activity in order to broaden their knowledge of the third unit of Inquiry, namely  “Many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used”. At Cimory We were able to see the process of making dairy product. We watched a movie about how fresh milk is processed and becomes pasteurized milk, yoghurt and cheese. By watching the movie  we understood why we must store milk at a low temperature in order to keep it fresh. We also discovered that we need to add bacteria to milk to make yoghurt.

After that we went down to the farm itself and met Mr. Doni who was our guide for the day. He told us that dairy cows and beef cows are different  and we learnt the names of some of the breeds of cattle. We were allowed to feed the cows with big bunches of grass and we learnt how to milk a cow. It was an awesome experience.

Kindy Parents Presentation (Gallery)


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