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We Love Gardening!

On Friday, March 31st, 2016, ECC students harvested “caisim” on the backyard of the ECC area. After that, they made meatball soup and added “caisim” as one of the ingredients. They showed their cooperation skills by working together when harvesting and cutting “caisim”. They showed their enthusiasm when doing the activities. They were so excited when finally they could enjoy the vegetables that they had taken care of for three months.

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It's Cooking Time!

To lead to the school readiness in life skills and study skills, Pre – Kindergarten students are engaged in purposeful and enjoyable activities. In life skills the students  love to get cooking lessons. They have been exploring maths, language, fine motor and social skills on that hand on and concrete basis.

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ECC Parent Presentation: Play, Senses, Safety

Early Childhood Centre (ECC) students conducted their Parent Presentation on 13th November 2015. Through this event, they showed the learning that has taken place in three of their units. The units came from two different transdisciplinary themes: ‘How We Express Ourselves’ for Pre-K and ‘Who We Are’ for Kindy and Reception. The central ideas of the units from the three classes were combined into one theme, ‘Play, Senses and Safety’.

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Reception Mini Excursion around the School Communities

Reception students are currently exploring a unit of inquiry under the theme “How We Organise Ourselves” with the central idea “Communities function more smoothly when all members contribute and share.” To start the unit, the students had a short trip around the school communities in order to directly see and learn more from them. They learnt about different members of communities, types of communities and how community needs togetherness.


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Kindy’s Awesome Excursion to Cimory

As one of the learning engagements, on 27th May 2015, Kindy students had an exciting visit to Cimory Mountain View Restaurant in Puncak, Bogor. We were exploring the central idea “Food is transported and processed before it is consumed” under the transdiscplinary theme of “How We Organize Ourselves”.

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